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นิทรรศการเซินเจิ้น CMEF เมื่อวันที่ 29 ตุลาคม 2018


Shenzhen CMEF exhibition at Oct 29

2018 CMEF of Shenzhen Medical Devices Fair Held in Oct.29

Xuzhou Belse Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd welcome you visit us!

Booth: E20, E22, E24

Exhbbition time: Oct.29, 2018~Nov.1, 2018

Add: Shenzhen Expo Center

The second autumn exhibition was held in Shenzhen. 

Compared with the last time, one side

First point,the number of customers increased significantly, and the types of visitors were more comprehensive, mainly dealers, purchasers, hospital teams, and peers. 

Second point, the proportion of distributors, purchasers and doctors has increased, and many customers come to the exhibition with orders.

In addition, the number of domestic trading companies and international visitors is also very large.

On the other hand, traffic and progress and evacuation are the evacuation of the flow of people is also very fast, there is no queue, congestion.

Bells took part in the exhibition in Shenzhen.

First, in order to publicize and promote the new high-end four-dimensional color ultrasound BLS-X8 released by Belse, the company also shows the popular black-and-white ultrasound and color doppler ultrasound, as well as Belse as the focus of the ultrasound machine.

Secondly, Belse salesman meets Nepalese customers to discuss. The meeting established a long-term cooperative relationship with customers, and customers purchased sample machine as a window in Nepal, to facilitate customers to show and let customers like Belse products more direct experience and comprehensive understanding of Belse products.

Half of the four-day Shenzhen exhibition was busy. Although the exhibition was over, Bells'contact with customers was not over.

Half of the four-day Shenzhen exhibition was busy. Although the exhibition was over, Belse'contact with customers was not over. Customers like Belse ultrasound equipment, is the Belse company's trust, recognition of ultrasound equipment. Customers who like Belse Ultrasound Machine, see you in Shenzhen next exhibition.

Thank you all for visiting and negotiating!

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